• Product Info

    Koi Jelly is a bathing agent that turns into jelly when you mix water and powder.
    You can experience a jelly bath in a special way that is different from a regular bubble bath. 
    It is a product that can create a lovely atmosphere with a lover or give fun bathing time to young children who do not like bathing.

    Koi Jelly passed every possible test in Korea. It is also certified by the world-famous eve vegan in France.
    Eve Vegan certification is a certification given to products that do not use animal raw materials or by-products during production and do not experiment on animals, and it is completely harmless to the human body and can be used safely by children and women with sensitive skin.

    All Koi Jelly products originate from Korea.

    [Options (Scent/Color)]
    Pure Dream (Peach, Clear)
    Midnight Rose (Rose, Red)
    Fantasy Ocean (Cool, Blue)

    [How to use it]
    1. Shake the koi jelly and sprinkle it little by little into the bathtub.
    2. Mix well to the bottom of the bathtub.
        If you put in a large amount at once, it may not melt well.
    3. The more powder you put in, the higher the viscosity.
    4. Depending on the desired viscosity, the amount of water and powder can be mixed differently.