• Product Info

    This modeling pack saves you time and offers high-quality at-home skincare, an upgrade compared to normal sheet masks. Our mask adheres seamlessly to the face, covering all the curves while delivering active ingredients into the skin. It keeps skin purified by absorbing excess sebum and dead skin cells that can not be easily removed by cleansing.

    Hyaluronic Acid helps the natural ingredients penetrate the inner layers of the skin, balancing the skin's moisture level and providing hydration.

    This mask calms down irritated skin, providing immediate soothing and maintaining skin moisture for a long time. Using rich in minerals Diatomite from the United States rather than cheaper cornstarch, our modeling mask has excellent adhering and moisturizing properties.

    Having passed a skin irritation test, the modeling mask is gentle for sensitive skin. The product contains no chemical additives, no allergens and no fragrance.

    How to use

    Take two spoons (one package, 1.05 oz.) of the Modeling Mix powder and mix it with two spoons (2.5 fl. oz.) of water, with a ratio of 1:1. Spread a thick layer over your face avoiding eyes. Lift and remove the mask in 15~20 mins and rinse off the residue with water or wipe off with a cotton pad. Feel free to mix ONE THING extract toners instead of regular water.