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    Smart, multi-functional anti-aging device: (LED, electric guasha, higher absorption rate, and wrinkle care.)

    Our electric gua sha face lift device combines Gua Sha, Galvanic Ion, Microcurrent, and light-based revitalization for improved skincare absorption, elasticity, and firmness!

    Red, Infrared, and Blue lights stimulate collagen synthesis, energize cells, and repair the skin barrier, providing soothing clarity and visible results.

    Experience a surge in moisture, reduction in double chin appearance, enhanced elasticity, and diminished fine lines in just 2 weeks with our metal guasha, backed by solid evidence of efficacy.

    With 3 specialized massage modes and micro vibration technology, our face and neck massager adapts to facial contours, stimulates circulation, relieves tension, and revitalizes complexion.

    Portable Galvanic Facial Device: Crafted from durable materials, our lightweight and compact device offers USB rechargeability and smart touch sensor for luxurious skincare benefits on-the-go.

    79mm * 22mm * 115mm

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